For the first time in Hungary, the Balaton Solar Boat Challenge will be held in Balatonalmádi. Pre-registration is important to the organisers of the event to see interests of participation. This will be followed by the final registration in February 2023. Teams who would like to participate in the event, which will take place from 22-27 August 2023, are kindly requested to fill in the pre-registration form. Thank you!

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Balaton Solar Boat Challenge

Our event aims to create a platform focusing on open source information sharing, creating a bridge between the engineers of tomorrow and the industry leaders of today.

Race Spot: Lake Balaton, Hungary

The largest freshwater lake of Central Europe, Lake Balaton is a tourist destination, the most visited area in Hungary besides Budapest. It has a wide range of services, excellent value for money, beautiful national parks and protected areas around Lake Balaton. 

Lake Balaton is a rapidly warming, shallow freshwater lake with an average depth of 3-4 m, it has sandy bottom and has small waves. Lake Balaton has shady, grassy beach with groves and well-developed infrastructure. Average temperature in August: 27°C.